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ThermiVa: Urinary Incontinence and Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Without Surgery

Get the Advanced ThermiVa Procedure for Urinary Incontinence in Corpus Christi, Texas  Dr. E. Stanton Shoemaker is a respected OB/GYN. He is known for his expertise in all areas of gynecological and obstetrical care. Dr. Shoemaker proudly offers the advanced, non-invasive ThermiVa treatment for urinary incontinence and vaginal rejuvenation to his patients in Corpus Christi,… read more »

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction and How it Relates to Pregnancy

Giving birth can be an exciting time in a couples’ life but there are considerations that could result in lasting effects on postpartum intimacy. You may be asking the question do choices in the delivery room matter? Can these affect your sexual performance after birth? Discussing how the birth of a child can change your… read more »

The longer you live with suboptimal natural hormones the higher your risk for depression

  Could Early Menopause Be Triggering Your Depression? A recent study in JAMA Psychiatry concluded that there is a significant link between the early onset of menopause and later years of depression. The authors found potentially that the longer we are exposed to hormones increases the positive impact our brains, therefore decreasing vulnerability to depression… read more »

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