Bladder Dysfunction | Bladder Pain Beeville TXBladder dysfunction – which is also known as voiding dysfunction – affects a large number of men and women and can have a severe impact on a patient’s daily life. At Innovations in Women’s Health Corpus Christi ObGyn Dr. E. Stanton Shoemaker is an expert in treating patients who suffer from this condition.

Types of bladder dysfunction include urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, obstructions of the urinary tract, and difficulties when urinating due to nervous conditions or injury to the patient’s spinal cord.

An accurate evaluation of the primary causes of bladder dysfunction is vital to easing its symptoms. Once a diagnosis has been identified by your ObGyn Corpus Christi, we will work to design a treatment plan that fits your needs and personal lifestyle.

At Innovations in Women’s Health, we provide a wide range of nonsurgical and surgical options, including dedicated treatments for patients who have neurological problems or who aren’t ambulatory. Our goal is not only to improve the functioning of your bladder, but also to help you maintain as much independence as possible and improve your quality of life.

Signs that you may be suffering from bladder dysfunction can include:

  • Sudden, strong urges to urinate;
  • Urinating more often than normal;
  • Urinary incontinence;
  • Difficulty urinating;
  • Diminished strength of the urine stream;
  • Unfinished emptying of the bladder;
  • Repeated urinary tract infections.

If you feel that you might be suffering from bladder dysfunction and are in need of a reputable and personable ObGyn Corpus Christi TX residents rely on the professional and caring staff at Innovations in Women’s Health under the direction of gynecologic surgeon Dr. E. Stanton Shoemaker at his offices in Corpus Christi TX, Beeville TX and Kingsville TX.

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Dr. E. Stanton Shoemaker is an experienced Obstetrician and Gynecologist based in Corpus Christi TX, Beeville TX and Kingsville TX, providing extensive services in obstetrics, gynecology, vaginal rejuvenation, hormone replacement therapy and laparoscopic surgery including da Vinci robotic surgery, incontinence treatment, prolapse treatment, prolapsed colon treatment, prolapsed uterus treatment, urinary incontinence surgery. Returning patients confidently choose Dr. Shoemaker again for their obstetrics and gynecology needs, as they have experienced and value his service, style of care and reassuring nature. Dr. Shoemaker understands the desire of every patient to have complete confidence in their doctor – someone caring and understanding, and highly experienced in the latest research and techniques.